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Don't let that scare you off! You will see that building a high quality, rich content web page is not all that Advanced after all. This is the second series of to the point lessons in web design. If you are new to web design or need to recap, please review Web 101.


Design a complete page!

Before we begin, there are a few guidelines for building a web page. While I could go on here for pages upon pages...I won't! to the point remember - :)

  • Resolution - Most people use 1024x768 but nearly 50% of the people on the internet are still using 800x600. So build your page to look good in both 800x600 AND 1024x768
  • Font Size - Just because you can't see one inch in front of you does not mean the world has bad eyes, on that same note...Not everyone has 20/20 vision either! It is best to not specify a font size, let the browser handle it. If you are targeting senior citizens then a 16 point font should be fine.
  • Font - Don't use fonts installed on your computer, chances are other people won't have it and your page will not look right. There are several industry accepted fonts including: Arial, Georgia, Tahoma, Times New Roman, Verdana.
  • This is a personal opinion...Don't make a black page with white text. I visit so many sites like that and when I navigate away and land on an average white page my eyeballs feel like popping out. Soft and subtle is the best policy...Unless your marketing crayons - :)
  • Never ever, ever make your page require the user to scroll right or left. Up and down is ok ( with in reason, make next pages if you have a lot of content) but NEVER left or right. If you are building your page and your own computer is in 1024x768 then go ahead and reduce your computer resolution to 800x600 and check it out. If the bottom scroll bar appears but only slightly, fine. If your content is off the screen then go back to the drawing board! I will show you later how to make your page grow or shrink to the users screen as well as make it tuck away neatly down the middle using tables or CSS.
  • Most importantly - Clean, simple and neat! Look at Google. What a boring looking page but oh how popular Google is! Normally people are in a rush no matter what. Get your point across first, then have some fun!


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