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An Idea

It all begins with an Idea! Before you can start coding, you need to plan out your strategy. Start visiting other like minded sites. Don't look at the arrangement and leave. Look at the content, simplicity and use to the viewer. What can you offer or change to that site to make it better?

Now I am not saying go and steal someone else's page. What I am saying is Research, Research and Research! If you do find a page that you really like ( let's keep it real here, it happens) and decide to use someone else's hard work then make sure you change it enough to not be a mirror web site! Hold on, hold on! I know what you are thinking ...I do not condone any type of piracy! DON'T DO IT! I do however, accept that a large percentage of the internet content is "RECYCLED" in large part with thanks to Google. If you see something you like, learn to do it yourself instead of copying code ( hopefully, that is why you are here) from another page and publishing it.


A list

Notepad or a notebook? Keep good notes! I can't stress that enough! Let's say you build yourself a nice logo. While using you favorite image editor, you use a neat font installed on your computer called Skesis. Some time goes by and you change your name from whatever to whatever and son. You will need to know what font you used to make that logo. The same goes for web design. Not only for record keeping but you need an outline for those ideas! I use an outline as a guideline for web design. Mine looks something like this:

  • Idea - What am I thinking?
  • Demographics -Who am I trying to reach?
  • Pages - Try and plan out how many pages I want and name them
  • etc...


Let's get started

A web page is made up of sections of HTML Code that contain your message. You can build the best web page without spending one penny.
You can use most any text editor such as:
Windows notepad ( PC | Start > Programs > Accessories > NotePad The NotePad icon)
Mac simple text ( MAC | Apple menu > Hard drive > Applications > Simple Text The SimpleText icon)
or my WYSIWYG Live Page Builder tool.

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